Small Business and Government: Delivering enterprise, growth and skills

January 26th 2014 | London

About the event

On the 27 January 2014, the Federation of Small Businesses hosted its first policy conference focussing on the role that small business and Government should play to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in young people and develop enterprise policy to ensure it delivers economic growth. 

This event gave those that attended and watched live online an opportunity to hear directly from senior ministers, hearing how they plan to take this agenda forward, and were able to discuss their issues with the decision-makers.

The policy conference focussed on two primary themes:

1) Small Businesses and Government delivering on enterprise and growth

There is cross party agreement that small businesses have the potential to drive economic growth. With a wide range of support available for businesses from start up to growth, a question mark remains as to how many businesses are ‘cashing in’ on this support and how many are unaware that it even exists. Common obstacles for small businesses are access to finance, the ability to export, and overcoming regulatory hurdles.

How can these obstacles be overcome?
How can budding entrepreneurs flourish into household names?
How can Government shape enterprise policy for the smallest of businesses to grow?

2) Small Businesses and Government delivering on skills

With youth unemployment running high and students performing better in exams than ever before it’s crucial to consider the gap between skills and employability.

How do we unlock the potential of our next generation?
How can schools help students be ‘work ready’?
How do we make setting up a business an attractive proposition for young people?
Further and higher education may not always be the answer, and vocational training is a viable alternative but with quality apprenticeships harder to secure than a place at a top university, how can we make apprenticeships viable for small businesses?